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VACS Spring Meeting 2021

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Virginia Association of Central Services

About VACS

Virginia Association of Central Services (VACS) came into being as a means of identifying and unifying Central Services personnel professionally within the Commonwealth of Virginia. VACS' goal is to work as an advocate for the promotion of educational and professional growth to members and associates.


During the year, we offer seminars and vendor fairs with continuing educational value to Central Service personnel. We strive to meet the needs of Central Service professionals to promote their status as technical professionals in a rapidly evolving field of health care. Please take this opportunity to learn about us as an association and of upcoming events. We hope you will find our services beneficial to your personnel professional needs.

 To identify and unify Central Services personnel professionally within the Commonwealth and to promote personal education and provide guidelines for professional growth.

Our Mission

International Association Of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management Virginia Chapter


Our Board Members

Board members are selected for two year terms during the April annual meeting. The Board meets prior to and after the Annual Spring meeting and at least one other time during the year. The president can call special Board meetings with the Board's approval.

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